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What’s Special about the Uber for X-business Model?

The majority of lives in the metropolitan cities have been flooded with the increasing need for on-demand services. Well! Only a few of those accomplish their needs by themselves while a large part of those people likes to outsource most of their activities. Uber’s emergence in this on-demand market has changed the whole complexion. Many on-demand businesses have started adapting to the Uber’s successful business model. Those businesses were depicted under the term “Uber for X”, where “X” denotes the services they provide. Developing a mobile application is the most vital thing in every Uber for X business.

What are all the On-Demand services?

Almost 50-60% of the startups venturing into this on-demand market terming themselves as “Uber for X”. Even though all of these businesses fall under “Uber for X”, the X can vary by services like groceries, doctors, flowers, laundry, Electrician, Car Mechanic, etc. The most important thing before rolling out to the application development phase is that make sure what are all the services that you gonna offer as a startup service provider.

Uber-like App for your On-Demand Services

Since the Uber is dominating this application-based service provider market, many application development companies have started developing the Uber-like apps for the on-demand market. Gojek is an Indonesian-based on-demand multi-service platform. Originally launched in 2010, Gojek has elevated to whole new heights since the launch of its mobile application in the year of 2015.